Philosophy in the Middle of the Desert

Crisis Philosophy: Symbolism of Dream October 28, 2014

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Dreams show you the utter transparencies of your heart, make you watch how you would react to certain situations in real life. The scene I watched in private was disgusting enough in and of itself, but, since my heart and mind have become so numbed by the immoral norm of American entertainment, in normal life I would have thought that talking about raping, chopping, and burning an innocent young woman wasn’t inappropriate, nor even when they force her onto the ground showing what’s about to happen, that’s not inappropriate either. And not even when it’s in public, on a bus when people are forced to watch it, do I think it’s inappropriate. But the blonde girl in front of me obviously thought it was inappropriate. Perhaps she was especially offended, identifying with the blonde girl in the movie, putting herself in her shoes, feeling vulnerable and threatened.


April 8, 2014

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“Why are you asking Me to give you trust in Me?  Do you trust Me?  

And why are you asking Me to give you love for Me?  Don’t you love Me?”


Courage January 25, 2014

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Just because you’re not afraid right now doesn’t mean you truly aren’t afraid. Change your circumstances and see if you’re still unafraid.  It’s then that you will realize you’re living in fear.  Not happening to feel fear at this moment is not the same as having courage.  Courage is a way of life, just like fear is a way of life — regardless of the circumstances.  While fear is passive and pessimistic, courage is active and full of faith.  You only live once, so which life do you want to live?  A mediocre one or a legendary one?  For all in life is a choice and every moment in life is a step: a step inward or a step outward.

We hide behind excuses and shelter our timid selves with the lie of the world which says we’re supposed to be afraid.  And we willingly blind ourselves so we can ignore the fact that the path to courage begins with just one small step.  It’s so much easier to be lazy, to be passive, to stay in our comfort zones and be miserable.  The miserable life is an easy one to live, but a happy one is very difficult.  Because friends and confidence and blessings come from rejection, trials, and sacrifice.

So we’d rather just pretend the world knows what it’s talking about when it says you were born this way, that your identity is either fearful or courageous, so there’s no use in fighting it.  But is that realistic?  Isn’t it more realistic that our brains and bodies adapt to our surroundings and the habits we determine for them?  Maybe some people have natural tendencies towards fear or courage, but who of us hasn’t had a moment of fear and courage?  It proves that if we’ve had courage before we can have courage again.  Some of us just have to fight for it harder than others, and some of us aren’t willing to fight at all.  But the fight is only one step at a time, and the first step is the hardest.  And then we can take another step outward, toward a lifestyle, to a habit of courage.  Why not choose a life of courage?  You will choose your next step.  Posting this was my small step towards courage.  What is yours?

[written with my left hand]


The History of the World/Israel April 2, 2011

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God.  God created Heaven.  God created the physical universe, and then time began.  In the beginning God created the first man and woman and from their offspring came all the inhabitants of the Earth.  In those days God interacted with his human creations until they began to do evil and so he stopped interacting with them and left them to themselves.  So man did whatever was right in his own eyes, for God was not there to tell him what to do, and thus mankind became more and more evil, giving into the selfish desires of their physical bodies.  Eventually mankind became so evil that God regretted making them and decided to destroy it and start over.  It came to the point where there was only one righteous man left on earth and so God destroyed the entire world but protected the man, Noah, and his children.  Then from that righteous man’s offspring came all the inhabitants of the earth.

God decided to restore the world to himself as it was in the beginning and enacted his plan.  He appeared to the most righteous person in the world and established a relationship with him.  This man was named Abraham and because Abraham was righteous and loved God, God put his blessing on Abraham and his descendants, and brought him to live in a prosperous land called Canaan.  Abraham’s grandson was named Israel, and Israel had 12 sons, which became the 12 tribes of Israel.  Among these sons was Judah (of whose line Israel prophesied would come the kings of their people) and Joseph, whom his father loved the most.  Joseph’s brothers were jealous of him and sold him into slavery in Egypt (the world’s greatest kingdom), but God’s favor was on him and he eventually rose to become 2nd in command of Egypt, only under Pharaoh.  So it was that there was a famine in the earth and it caused Israel and his sons to come to Egypt for food, and Joseph, being 2nd in command, gave them a nice place to permanently live in Egypt.

The Israelites were there for 400 years; however, during that time there arose a Pharaoh who didn’t know about Joseph.  He saw that the Israelites, with God’s blessing, were outgrowing the Egyptian population so he made all the Israelites slaves to the Egyptians.  During this slavery the Israelites cried out for God to rescue them from this oppression, so God rose up an Israelite man named Moses, from Pharaoh’s own house.  God used Moses to inflict 10 plagues on Egypt before Pharaoh would release the Israelites from slavery.  Once they were released, Moses led them back to their home in Canaan where God destroyed the evil people there who had come to inhabit it since Israel left 400 years earlier.   God gave Moses instructions for the people of Israel on how to live healthy, righteous lives.  He made a promise, in honor of his promise of blessing to Abraham, that if the people kept this covenant with him then he would bless them, but if they broke his laws then he would curse them.

In the land of Israel, the successors of Moses were known as judges and for 400 years they communicated God’s will to the people with God as their king.  But the people were enticed to have a king over them like the surrounding nations, so God gave them king David, instating a dynasty of rulers from the line of Judah as originally prophesied by Israel 800 years earlier.  For 500 years God dealt with the kings accordingly.  He blessed Israel and its king when it kept the laws, and he punished Israel and its king when they broke the laws.  Eventually Israel became evil more often than good and God, true to his promise, cursed them.  God raised up prophets in the days of the kings who spoke out against the kings and warned them of the consequences for breaking God’s covenant.  In one of the books God spoke to Moses (Leviticus), God said if the people rebelled against him he would let other countries destroy them and take them away as captives.  This is just what happened when King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon besieged Israel and captured the king and its people and took them back to Babylon in 605 B.C.  But in Leviticus God also said if the people repented and turned back to him in their captivity then he would also turn back to them and restore them to their land.

This occurred when there arose a righteous Israelite named Ezra who restored the people to God’s covenant and then God turned back towards Israel and allowed Cyrus king of Persia to conquer Babylon and release the Israelites from captivity.  Back while the evil kings were still ruling Israel, God communicated through the prophet Jeremiah to warn the king that if they did not repent that they would be taken away as captives for 70 years.  Thus after 70 years of captivity they were released and returned to Israel.  But soon after the people became corrupt again so that God never again restored them to be a self-governing nation.  During this period of oppression the prophets all prophesied of a coming king who would restore Israel once and for all.  But this king was different from all the others.  God spoke through the prophet Isaiah saying: “The LORD himself will give you a sign: Behold, a virgin will be with child and bear a son, and she will call his name Immanuel (God with us).”  And in chapter 9, verse 6: “For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us; and the government will rest on his shoulders; and his name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.  There will be no end to the increase of his government or of peace, on the throne of David and over his kingdom, to establish it and to uphold it with justice and righteousness from then on and forevermore.”
It appeared that this wouldn’t be just another righteous king, but this king would be God himself!

After the last prophet, Malachi, spoke, there were 400 years of silence with no recorded word from God through the prophets, and Israel remained in their oppression awaiting the coming king who would save them.  During these 400 years of oppression they were ruled by the Persians, then the Greeks when Alexander the great conquered the Persian Empire, and then finally the Romans conquered the Greeks, making the land of Israel ruled by the Roman Empire.

It was in the midst of this silence that Jesus suddenly appeared, performing miraculous signs never done before, challenging the religious establishment, proclaiming that the Kingdom of God was at hand, teaching that men could once again be brought into a relationship with God as at the beginning of time, and even equating himself with God.  The people wondered if this could be the king they had waited for.  Many believed that he was the one prophesied about, but many did not, because they expected their god-like king would come in glory, as if out of Heaven, and overthrow their Roman oppressors and set up his royal kingdom.  Then the nation of Israel would return in glory never seen before in all its history.  But Jesus was a commoner, without wealth or regal appearance.  He was indeed born into the line of David, but he was also born in a stable and spent time alone in the wilderness, more like a prophet than a glorious king.  And instead of rebuking kings, of all people he rebuked the religious leaders!  Yet it was Jesus who changed history, and whom history revolves around, literally.  Instead of overthrowing the government he taught people to submit to authorities.  Instead of destroying Israel’s enemies, he taught people to love their enemies, and to turn your cheek when someone strikes you.  Instead of setting up a royal kingdom, he taught that the Kingdom of God was in your heart.  He established a new covenant between man and God which was based on faith instead of keeping the law.

His teaching was very radical and so many people resisted it.  He claimed he was God, and he prophesied against the Temple of God that it would be destroyed in the next generation and not one stone would be left on top of another.  The religious leaders considered this blasphemy and had him killed for it; however many people claimed later that he raised from the dead and was in fact God in human form after all.  These followers of Jesus became known as Christians and declared that Jesus’ death was God’s sacrifice for human sins, and if people would trust in this sacrifice that takes away their sins and repent that they could attain the spiritual relationship with God that existed between God and the first humans, and without sin keeping God from people’s presence people would now go to Heaven when they died to be in God’s presence.

Christians continued proclaiming this openly until the Roman Emperor Nero began killing Christians, and they were forced to take Christianity underground.  Exactly as Jesus prophesied, in 70 A.D., a generation after he made his prophesy, the Roman Empire destroyed the Israelites’ temple of God.  And after being burned, the gold roof melted down into the bricks of the temple so that the people took all the bricks apart to get the gold (thus fulfilling Jesus’ prophecy that not one stone would remain on top of another).   And without a temple to keep the Israelites together, and without the ark of the covenant which was supposed to have the very presence of God himself there in their midst, and with continued persecution by the Romans, the Jews dispersed to other countries, settling down all across the earth.  This fulfilled the curse God warned about in Leviticus when he said if they rejected their end of the covenant that he would disperse them to the ends of the globe.

And that’s how the Israelites remained for thousands of years, fleeing from persecution and still awaiting the coming king, that is, the jews who didn’t believe Jesus was that king.  But as for the ones who did believe it, Christianity spread like an epidemic through the underground of the Roman Empire to the point that this “Jewish cult” became the official religion of the Roman Empire, and then the Roman Empire (which overthrew Israel) did finally get overthrown by King Jesus (through his church).  Through the wars of kings and countries all across earth, the passive philosophies of Jesus were adopted by all the countries that heard them, to the point that Christianity was the dominant religion of the world, civilizing parts of the world formerly known as savage and immoral.

In Leviticus God warned Israel of the curse that comes with rejecting his covenant, but he said if they repented then God would restore them.  But, after being restored, if they once again rejected his covenant than he would curse them seven-fold.
Now back when Israel was taken to Babylon in 605 B.C. there was another prophet named Ezekiel who prophesied that Israel’s punishment would last for 430 years, unlike Jeremiah’s proclaimed 70 years.  So after the 70 year captivity there were still 360 years of punishment left for Ezekiel’s prophecy.
As it was, Israel rejected God’s covenant and was thus given to Babylon, but when they repented God, true to his word, restored them back to their land.

However, even after being restored they didn’t keep his covenant, so now God continued their punishment (fulfilling the prophecy of Ezekiel of more punishment after the 70 years) and cursed them seven-fold.  Ezekiel prophesied 360 years more of punishment that was to increase seven-fold.  Thus 360 was multiplied by 7, producing 2,520 years of punishment left for Israel.  Of course this prophecy is referring to years according to the calendar the Israelites used, aka the lunar calendar.  A lunar year consisted of 360 days, unlike the solar calendar adopted by the Roman Empire of 365 and a quarter days, which is used by modern civilization.  So in order to calculate how many of our solar years are in 2,520 lunar years, you just calculate the days:

2,520 X 360= 907,200 days
907,200 days/365.25= 2,483.7 solar years
605 B.C. – 70 lunar years= 536 B.C.
536 B.C. – 2,483.7 solar years= 1948 A.D.

What happened in 1948?  Following the worst genocide of Israelites in all of history, the United Nations officially established the nation of Israel once again for all the remaining Jews, so they would no longer be persecuted in other countries.

So here we are at present day.  Modern Israel has been re-established with God’s covenant and the question is whether they will keep their part of the covenant and be blessed above all world nations, or reject it again and face unknown, unprecedented destruction worse than the holocaust.  And that creates a problem for all other nations, too.  Do we partake in their blessing by blessing them, and thus God’s blessing extends to us, or do we reject them and their blessing and risk reaping God’s curse?  Or what if Israel rejects the covenant again?  Is it a sin for us to aid them that blaspheme God yet again, even after the worst persecution they’ve ever suffered in all their history as a people?

Is our support of Israel in 1948 what allowed America to be so blessed in the 50’s as the leader of the world?  And did our inevitable ignoring of Israel in the late 60’s cause our consistent downfall to the present?

Once Israel was reestablished as a nation, the Jews fought to obtain control of Jerusalem, and eventually built the 3rd temple to God (whose blueprint was prophesied by Ezekiel).  Now with Israel in the same place it had been before its destruction in 605 B.C., it once again awaited its Messiah, and this time their Messiah came.  He came from the Heavens with all the glory and power they could have imagined, as prophesied by their prophets, and conquered Israel’s oppressors once and for all, setting up an everlasting kingdom where God himself, as a man, ruled in the temple in place of the ark of the covenant.  Of course that Messiah turned out to be Jesus after all, who came back according to the Christian end-time prophecies, but also came in the appearance of the long-awaited Messiah as was expected by the Jews of Jesus’ time.  So in this 2nd coming of Christ all the Christian and Jewish prophecies were fulfilled and Christians and Jews became one to dwell as children of God in the midst of God himself.