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God is a greater reward than what would come from anything else we could pursue October 26, 2022

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Why do you keep saying you want to be with Me? Stop telling Me that and just be with me. I’m always just one thought away. 

If you really want to be with me so bad, then why aren’t you?  Because of all the stuff you have to do? So then, all those things you need to do are what you REALLY want, and then you also want to be with Me, but just when it’s convenient and fills in the cracks in your schedule, as the leftovers. 

You want to be with Me, but what you really want are the things that doing the things you’re doing will get you: the reward of all these things you’re doing. But don’t you think that I’m a greater reward than whatever reward you’ll ever get from those things? 

What are you really doing these things for? 

Significance?  What could be more significant than being known intimately by the Creator of the world? Certainly not being best friends with the President or Paul McCartney or Tim Keller or Tony Robbins or whoever. 

Love and connection? What human being could ever love you unconditionally? And yet I love you unconditionally, because I know and understand why you’ve done everything you’ve ever done, and see your shortcomings based on your limited knowledge and strength and love you for who you are, in spite of all your shortcomings. No one else could ever love you that much, because no one could ever know why you do what you do like I do. And further more I’m the one that created you! So I love you greater than a parent loves their child, which is the strongest natural love on the planet. A parent doesn’t design and plan the DNA of their child, and yet I do. I love you more than any conditional lover or any passive child-bearer. 

Certainty? All resources of money, jobs, assets, real estate, and possessions can all be taken from you in a moment in this life by conscious and unconscious acts of nature, and even your very life with all its resources. You need a certainty that can take care of all your needs by manifesting resources from nothing, inspiring the hearts and minds of humans to give you the things you need, and a certainty of security and safety for your very soul when your Earthly life is through and you can’t touch any resources and are completely at the mercy of the spiritual realm… this is the kind of certainty only I can give you, and no other can. 

Variety? Who inspired the men of history with whatever strokes of genius, creativity, and artistry they manifested? They were seeking My mind for ideas to be given to them from the infinite ether of new possibilities beyond their own normal scope of thought. The world has never even seen a fraction of a percent of all the ideas in My mind, that is infinitely advanced beyond whatever greatest ideas have come through man so far. The greatest things on Earth, the greatest music, stories, films, foods, adventures — the highest possible variety that this Earth can offer — all came from My mind and I have even greater ideas than all of that. I already know what it will look like and I can tell you the best is surely to come. Pursue Me and My mind, which is THE SOURCE of variety, and all the best ideas and adventures will be given to you. For what adventure could be greater than one that is the most fulfilling for how you were designed, and only I know how you were designed and what circumstances in life will bring out the best in you, and also only I know what mission in life will make you feel the best, be the most fulfilling, and the most impactful, as tailored to your design and plan. 


The Journey To Happiness September 29, 2022

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The journey to living in happiness is many steps, but the good thing is that once you’re there, it’s many steps away from happiness. When you’ve finally entered your destination of happiness, then from there the journey to anger is many steps. And if you take a step away from happiness into the direction of anger or sadness it’s only one step back. If you take three steps away from happiness, then it’s only three steps back to it. In this way, you can be living in anger or sadness, and you may get a sudden, surprise surge of happiness and feel great, but you’re still living in anger or sadness, and soon you’re back to anger or sadness. But if you take the necessary steps, sometimes a long, arduous journey required to reach a state or life of happiness, then you may have sudden, surprise surges of sadness or anger, but it’s just one step back to happiness. Once you’re there, then it would be a long, arduous journey back to living in anger or sadness, and at that point, that is a journey TOO long and TOO arduous. 

The human brain and mind and heart are malleable, one step at a time being conditioned in one direction or the other. The more conscious choices we make and steps we take toward a desired state of being the harder it is to move away from it. The neural pathways in the brain are constantly being paved to make what we feel more of what we feel. If the neural pathways to happiness are constantly a rough, gravel or dirt road, then it’s more difficult to experience those feelings, but the more we make choices that pave that rough gravel road, eventually it becomes a fast highway, where happiness is our default mode of feeling, coming to us without trying.  It’s all in how we condition our minds and hearts and brains to interpret the data around us to have a certain meaning: a meaning of happiness or a meaning of sadness, anger, fear, etc.