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The Journey To Happiness September 29, 2022

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[Written on 92822]

The journey to living in happiness is many steps, but the good thing is that once you’re there, it’s many steps away from happiness. When you’ve finally entered your destination of happiness, then from there the journey to anger is many steps. And if you take a step away from happiness into the direction of anger or sadness it’s only one step back. If you take three steps away from happiness, then it’s only three steps back to it. In this way, you can be living in anger or sadness, and you may get a sudden, surprise surge of happiness and feel great, but you’re still living in anger or sadness, and soon you’re back to anger or sadness. But if you take the necessary steps, sometimes a long, arduous journey required to reach a state or life of happiness, then you may have sudden, surprise surges of sadness or anger, but it’s just one step back to happiness. Once you’re there, then it would be a long, arduous journey back to living in anger or sadness, and at that point, that is a journey TOO long and TOO arduous. 

The human brain and mind and heart are malleable, one step at a time being conditioned in one direction or the other. The more conscious choices we make and steps we take toward a desired state of being the harder it is to move away from it. The neural pathways in the brain are constantly being paved to make what we feel more of what we feel. If the neural pathways to happiness are constantly a rough, gravel or dirt road, then it’s more difficult to experience those feelings, but the more we make choices that pave that rough gravel road, eventually it becomes a fast highway, where happiness is our default mode of feeling, coming to us without trying.  It’s all in how we condition our minds and hearts and brains to interpret the data around us to have a certain meaning: a meaning of happiness or a meaning of sadness, anger, fear, etc. 


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