Philosophy in the Middle of the Desert

milesprowers November 12, 2011

I don’t really feel like being meticulous with each thing I post, reading it through and through to check for errrors.  As if I’m some professional writer.  I’d rather just post things after they pop into my head, if they’re interesting enough to be read, and see what people’s reactions are.

I intend this blog to be a home for discussion.  With that said, please comment on my posts.  Analyze them.  Argue with them.  And by all means critique it as much as you possibly can.  Or, if you’d prefer, email me at  Also please bring it to my attention if you find even the smallest spelling, grammar, or research error.  And hopefully one day, after years of analyzing these posts and receiving critiques, I will settle on something worth presenting to the world that I fully support.


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Philosophy in the Middle of the Desert



2 Responses to “milesprowers”

  1. Miles Prowerz Says:

    Just wondering; why did you choose this Domain Name?

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