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Personal Note [concerning post on Basia’s “Yearning”] April 1, 2011

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Personal Note:
On March 29th I was driving home from work in the beautiful weather looking forward to setting aside my day to take in March while I still could (seeing as it’s my 2nd favorite month and I subconsciously was distracted from it the whole month).  I couldn’t think of anything to listen to that was March appropriate until I realized March was actually my Basia month from March 2009 which had made March one of my favorites.  [That’s when I was listening to Basia driving around on my lunch break and really starting to enjoy it for the first time.]  So I listened to New Day For You as I literally was dancing in my car with no hands on the steering wheel as I drove by the skyscrapers.  I listened to 2 more songs and then thought, I might as well listen to Yearning, I’m kind of in the mood for it.  At which point I suddenly heard her say “Star of Bethlehem” which from that point on consumed the next few days, and since then I’ve had the song in my head, but surprisingly I really enjoy listening to it and want to keep playing it.  But more significantly it gave me a yearning and set my mood for extensive research and a personal conversation I had later that day with my Mom, which somewhat related to Basia, and ended up in a serious, grieved prayer time for a member of my family.  Then the next day, in relation to our prayer time and the yearning Basia had set in my heart, God providentially allowed me the opportunity to encourage a similar family member related to that prayer (which is normally not my custom) by means of the Basia experience I had the day before.  So it was all part of His plan.
It’s especially bizarre because, for some reason, I already had a strong, mysterious, spiritual connection with this one song in particular, as it’s the first song I ever heard Basia sing in person.  When the Basia-related people in my family went to see her last year, the band assembled on the stage and started into this song, and later Basia came out onto the stage and immediately started into the first verse.  It moved me emotionally to tears (though I didn’t actually cry) to see with my own eyes the actual person whose voice I’d grown to love from listening to those random cassette tapes in Reston, and to hear that very voice live in my presence, breathing the same air as me.  But there was more to it than even that.  I wrote in my journal back on 51011 that I “Got goose bumps listening to Basia’s “yearning” (I think that’s the similarity cp I noticed in Under the Sun”, which is referring to my song Under The Sun which reminded me of some other song’s chord progression which I couldn’t put my finger on until I realized it was Yearning, which up until that point was just some random Basia song I’d never paid much attention to; that was the day I realized it was actually a good song.  And then on 91311 I wrote: “lay on my bed listening to Basia’s “Yearning” as randomly inspired that day at work as the song that stuck out since I realized that day I was not in the Basia mood and had to psych up for seeing her live,”
Being the one song that I randomly felt like listening to before her show, it was providential that she opened up with it, which I think added to all the emotion of that first song.
How amazing it is when Providence is working in something the whole time and bringing things together as time progresses.  Amazingly, Basia has yet to fail me with almost supernaturally lifting up my spirits in times of depression, as if there was some kind of spiritual connection between us, and this song in particular (before I ever wrote this essay).  It’s just the way things unfolded based on my feelings and providence, and so amazing that those feelings were fulfilled when I did research, and the evidence confirmed that spiritual connection because she was apparently a Christian, and it turned out that song in particular was evidence of this.  It all comes around full circle and my joy is complete now believing she’s a Christian from the evidence, and understanding the true significance of this song, as if God was giving me premonitions all the while and now finally confirming it, like it was all part of his plan and had some deeper significance.  As if He’s saying, “This is what I was getting at.”  Starting with a random song that’s pretty good and ending in providential prayer and encouragement for the hurting.






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