Philosophy in the Middle of the Desert

Breathing Blue & Green September 18, 2012

Filed under: Terremoto — milesprowers @ 2:46 pm

What do you think these lyrics are talking about? Any comments?

Sun lights up the cracked mirror of an endless blue-green desert.
It’s forever coming closer.
Living mountain ranges rise just to die and come back to life.
Tinfoil blankets pulling over one another.

A tapestry of the colors blue and green,
weaving them together as its cloudy cobwebs sing.
And when the wind begins to blow it starts waving,
Exhales the salty life it is breathing.

From the sun-capped peaks a breeze carries nostalgic life deceased,
passed on from things since passed away.
Cliffs of oranges collapse, they pour into a frothy glass,
release the scent of death that refreshes back to life again.


It feels like life though it, smells like death as its,
mouth spits saliva when it, lets another breath.


Oh, it is breathing.
Blue and green are breathing.
It is breathing blue and green.
Breathing green and blue.



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